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The 22-year-old woman, from Liverpool, is recovering with family and friends in Australia after receiving treatment for a host of injuries including facial fractures. Queensland Police have charged a 22-year-old man with multiple counts of rape and assault. It is now believed that alleged attacks took place between February 3 and Sunday when the woman was rescued in Mitchell, police said. She provoked alarm after she stumbled badly bruised and "almost zombie-like" into a remote petrol station in doctor home loan australia Oak Laurel www.oaklaurel.com.au 0430129662 the Australian outback about 600km from Brisbane. View photos The car in which the woman and suspect were found by police More After tearfully nodding when asked if the abuse was suffered at the hands of her partner, the tourist left without paying and was pursued by the owner, according to reports. Police were flagged down during the chase and officers pulled her over near Mitchell, finding her with injuries to her face and marks on her neck. Queensland Police said officers found her alleged tormentor stowed in the boot beneath a pile of clothing. "I made the decision to follow her because I thought that if I could get the registration number I'd be able to file a report to the police," shop owner Beverley Page told the Daily Mail. View photos The vehicle stopped by police (Sarah Dionysius/NRM) More She told police she had been held captive by a man she had met at a party in Cairns and had been travelling around the state in the car since January 2. It is thought the sabotage to her passport was a means of invalidating it and possibly preventing an escape.